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The work is digital. The need is human.

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Believe again.

When the world needed a dream to come true, a team came together and made the impossible possible: mankind taking one small step on the surface of the moon.

We chose the name Houston so that every day we would be reminded of that one giant leap and bring that same ethos into every project.

Today our work may be digital, but all projects are human endeavors and every challenge overcome is, at its core, inherently human.

Strategy, Marketing
Product Design
Strategy, Product Design, Marketing
Strategy, Marketing
Strategy, Product Design, Marketing
Strategy, Marketing
Strategy, Marketing
Strategy, Marketing
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We solve mission critical digital problems for all mankind.

No matter your size, stage, or industry, evolution is the constant that is required to remain relevant and vital to your customers.

Get it right and you’ll lead the race. Get it wrong and you’ll struggle to catch up.

At Houston, we create digital experiences that drive growth and engagement. But what truly fuels us is identifying, then meeting the needs of the real people on the ground, today and in the future.

Who are these people? You, and every single human that matters to your business.

Let’s solve those challenges. Together.

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Trusted Clients

Truecar thumbnail


Digital automotive marketplace helping car shoppers consider choices from every angle.

Kickstart Action Civics thumbnail

Generation Citizen

Bringing the classroom to life for students by teaching Action Civics through an online course.



A trusted source of legal, tax, regulatory, and business information for industry professionals.

Mighty Portfolio thumbnail

Mighty Portfolio

Private equity investment tool that makes managing your investments simple.



At-home invisible aligners. Byte gives you more confidence in your smile faster.

Memberhub thumbnail


Member-management software for PTAs, PTOs, and non-profit organizations.

SommTV video detail


Streaming service dedicated to the worlds of wine, food, travel, and hospitality.


Yes, we do

You won’t find a comprehensive services list on our website, in our deck, or anywhere else. We don’t have a menu. We are not a Wendy’s.

It’s not a matter of what specific services we offer, but rather how we listen, align, and get sh$t done. Our team is called in to create digital solutions for human problems; whatever it takes.

Hundreds of successful outcomes (and a few failures) have taught us that technology is simply a catalyst for change. The right solution for one company may be wrong for another.

Understanding the human problem and then designing the right solution is what moves the world.

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Areas of Expertise

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Alignment powers movement. It is the deceptively simply notion that when everyone works in unison, toward the same goal, value expands exponentially.

At the start of every mission, together, we establish clear goals and then translate them into tactical steps toward our shared destination.

The result is a bias toward action, clear communication, and honest feedback.

Email Design + Strategy

Product Design

Good design should not simply be beautiful. It should also impact your bottom line by cutting down on development time, scaling elegantly, and reducing customer cognitive load to increase conversions.

Effective design starts with systems thinking to incorporate your goals and then aligning each design decision with those goals.

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Once your product or service launches, the overwhelming temptation is to celebrate. Your work is done. No?

But in this race, the stars will be reached only by the ones who refuse to stop. Those who endure which is defined simply as the struggle to continue against a mounting desire to stop.

Effective marketing is relentless. Test. Learn. Iterate. Repeat again.

Houston partners

Your Partners

How do you know that we are the right team to solve your problem? This is the question you need answered.

An elegant digital product or a powerful strategy done for some one else is, well, for someone else——as impressive as those solutions may be.

But each project tells a story. Each client demonstrates trust——someone like you who trusted us to solve their human problem.

We built Houston so you never have to wonder again who to take with you on your next big mission.


Jamin Jantz
CEO, Strategy, Operations

Jeremy Jantz
Creative Director, Design Systems, Product

Dustan Nichols

Denise Abraham
Email/Product Strategy

Zano Mthembu

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Your mission is critical.