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At-home, invisible teeth aligners. Using its proprietary HyperByte technology and doctor-directed treatment plans, Byte gives you more confidence in your smile faster.

Byte email design system
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Project Overview

Byte asked Houston to audit its email engagement funnel and to propose solutions that would position the Byte team to create and test new emails quickly. Byte needed a flexible and modular email design system that could be used to create and test emails quickly while maintaining design and brand integrity.

OUr solution

  • Comprehensive audit of Byte’s email designs, segmentation, & user journey map to identify gaps in engagement and new opportunities.
  • Created an email design system and style guide from the ground up to support 60+ base templates with flexible components and variants.
  • HTML/CSS build of the new component library and template creation.
Byte email design system examples
Byte mobile email examples
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