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A trusted source of legal, tax, regulatory, and business information for industry professionals. Bloomberg delivers leading business and financial information, news, and insight from industry experts around the world.

Bloomberg email design system examples
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Project Overview

The team at Bloomberg Industry Group provides industry leaders vital information about the dynamic industries of Law, Tax & Accounting, & Government and needed designs to reflect the impact of the information it curated and shared each week.

It needed a flexible set of design components that worked across its three sub-brands that optimized deliverability to even the oldest and most archaic email clients (c’mon IE!).

OUr solution

  • A lightweight design and UX audit.
  • A comprehensive and flexible design system and style guide to work across the three sub-brands.
  • HTML/CSS build of the new component library and template creation.
  • A/B testing to ensure the new designs beat out the old templates (They did).
Bloomberg email design system examples
Bloomberg mobile design examples
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