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Streaming service dedicated to the worlds of wine, food, travel, and hospitality.

SommTV mobile app layouts
SommTV mobile app detailsSommTV video detail

Project Overview

SommTV asked Houston to design an app concept integrating their award-winning media with engaging social and e-commerce capabilities to create a personalized environment rich with opportunities to learn, share, and discover.

This was to serve as a tangible simulation for stakeholders, illustrating SommTV’s visions for the future of their product.

OUr solution

  • Media-centered design and a familiar-but-fresh update of their color scheme.
  • Intentional, intuitive feature interconnectivity for a convenient and immersive user experience.
  • A unique virtual sommelier experience that takes personalized recommendations to the next level.
  • An interactive prototype to bring the experience to life.
SommTV mobile app design details
SommTV mobile layout examples
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